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The Human Barbie Doll who is missing her brain – (Video)

Valeria Lukyanov. Have you ever heard of this human? This female human thinks she’s a barbie doll. It seems this human played with too many dolls when she was a human baby, that eventually this human decided to turn herself into a human barbie doll.

We are not sure what is going on with this human, but one thing we do know. Is barbies dolls have no brain. So it seems to us that this human also have no brain.

We don’t care if others think she has no brain. We think she’s beautiful and would stick it in her.

Check out the video below, we will continue to monitor this human 


Full size thumbnail below:

Here is another women who thinks she is a Barbie doll.

Tatiana Tanya Tuzova

We think she is beautiful & hot too. We’ll take them both.

What do you think?

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